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Tarangire National Park

Elephants Resting under Baobab tree in Tarangire
Tarangire National Park

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Facts About Tarangire National Park

  • Tarangire National Park is the sixth largest national park in Tanzania and situated in Manyara Region.
  • The name of the park derived from the Tarangire River that passes through the park.
  • The River is the primary source of fresh water for the Tarangire Ecosystem during the dry season.
  • The Tarangire Ecosystem includes the long-distance migration of wildebeest, antelopes and zebras.
  • During the dry season thousands of animals concentrate in Tarangire National Park from the surrounding wet-season dispersal and calving areas.
  • The landscape is composed of granitic ridges, river valley, and swamps. Vegetation is a mix of Acacia woodland, Commiphora-Combretum woodland, seasonally flooded grassland, and Baobab trees.

Size and Location

  • The park covers an area of approximately 2, 850 square kilometers (1,100 square miles.)

Getting there

  • There are charter flights from Arusha and the Serengeti to Tarangire,
  • It is also to drive from Arusha to the entrance gate in 2 hours. Only 7 km are not tarred.
  • It is easy to drive from Tarangire to Lake Manyara or the Ngorongoro Conservation area or both

When to Visit

  • The middle and end of the dry season, from late June to October, is the best time for wildlife viewing in Tarangire National park. Most of the animals migrate out of the park during the wet season and wildlife viewing is considerably less good.

What you can do

  • Guest can do game viewing, photo taking, bird viewing and nature expedition

Main attractions includes

  • Large groups of African Elephants
  • Baobab Trees
  • Extension of Great Migration from Serengeti National Park which include Wildebeest, Antelopes and Zebras


  1. Tarangire Treetops
  2. Lake Burunge Tented Camp
  3. Tarangire Safari Lodge
  4. Tarangire Sopa Lodge
  5. Tarangire River Camp
  6. Tarangire Simba Lodge
  7. Osupuko Lodge
  8. Balloon Camp Tarangire
  9. Lemala Explorer Tarangire
  10. Balloon Camp Tarangire

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