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About Mount Meru

What makes this trek truly special is the chance to see animals on foot. The lower section of the trail runs into the forest on the Meru crater floor, with many large, potentially dangerous game animals about. An armed ranger comes along on this trek for safety, the biggest danger being Cape Buffalo and Elephant. You may see while on this trek many animals, including Cape Buffalo, giraffe, elephant, waterbuck, bushbuck, dik dik, warthog, olive baboon, Abyssinian (black & white) Colobus monkey, Sykes monkey, and may find traces of leopard, civet cat, red duiker and mountain duiker. Bird life is amazing, with the Momella Lakes close by, attracting thousands of European and African migrant species in the green season.

Accommodation on Mt. Meru is in mountain huts run by the National Parks service. Unlike on Kilimanjaro where there are multiple routes up the mountain, on Mt. Meru there is only one. We can arrange an “off the beaten track” variation on the first day to pass through Meru Crater on the way to the first hut Miriakamba.The forest in this area is other-worldly and you get spectacular views of the crater wall which rises up to the summit.

For those seeking to reach the summit, we arrange 2 night/3 day climbs and 3 night/4 day climbs on a custom basis. We can also arrange day hikes into Meru Crater and even overnight trips to the first and/or second hut for families who like to hike but who are not ready to make a summit bid.

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